The Kozy Cape idea came about out of need. Being from Buffalo NY my clients were always cold. Either the heat wasn’t high enough or the air conditioner was to low.
One winter I received a polar fleece suit and it was the warmest thing I ever put on. I didn’t want to take it off. I couldn’t buy all my clients fleece suits so I thought of fleece robes.

Then i had that light bulb moment and thought, why not just line a styling cape with fleece. I wouldn’t have to worry about hair getting on the fleece because it would be protected by the cape. Also it would not have to be washed after each use.

My clients loved it. My first two prototypes were a hit. Clients would come in for a service and ask for the capes. They would comment on how Kozy they were. They loved the feel and said the weight made them feel secure.

When I moved to Las Vegas and started at a new salon, my station had an air vent right over it. Clients were freezing from the air conditioning. When its 108 outside you don’t wear many clothes and when you step in an air conditioned salon clients get cold.

So out came the Kozy Capes again. My fellow workers needed them as well. That is the birth of Kozy capes.

Kozy Capes are designed for the clients need and comfort. When a client is comfortable and wrapped in luxury I am better able to care for their hair needs.

I hope you and your clients love Kozy Capes, they are made with love for your clients to love.

Not only is the Kozy Cape warm it has a soothing luxurious feel. Kozy Capes are an innovative completely new product that excites and inspires curiosity from anyone who first sees them and best of all the Kozy Capes solves the major comfort problem in any salon for the patrons. The Kozy Cape is a top quality gorgeous cape, more comfortable and more luxurious than any other cutting cape.

Constructed with features that include heavy duty snap closures, extra large size, resistant and durable nylon polyester exterior, fleece lining with added convenience feature, interior pocket for glasses and cell phone, and is fully machine washable.